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Since our parent company Loughmiller Machine started in 1983 it has grown steadily. Over the years it has generated more and more material drops and excess material, then in 1994 our sister company Southern Indiana Steel was formed to help supply the needs of Loughmiller Machine along with the southern Indiana area with all this material sitting around along with our large inventory we have decided to move some of it on our new web site Online Metal Source. Our goal is to help out the smaller shops and business that do not need a lot of material. When Loughmiller Machine started one of its biggest problems was material procurement, at that time we were not big enough to order material from national suppliers and I understand that now, we used other shops to get material for the jobs we were doing. There was no internet at this time so a lot of time was spent tracking down material and most of the time you just used what you could find. So what we wanted to do was to make the material purchasing process as easy as possible by building a site that is easy to navigate and simple to use. As you look around and use this site we are always open to suggestions of how to improve our site or to make it more user friendly. Check back often as we continue to add more products and services in order to serve you better. Send suggestions or comments to